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  • Tagline: Work better, live better.
  • Promise: To help people live better lives, and companies work more efficiently through remote work.
  • Mission: To be the single best place for anyone to start working remotely or get better at it, anywhere in the world. We’re focused on changing people’s lives and the way companies work, not just selling job ads.
  • Positioning: We’re more than a job listing website. We’re a remote work platform, built by remote workers, for remote workers.
    • It’s in our strategy: We invest in the content and tools that people and companies need to start, continue, and improve the way they work remotely.
    • It’s in our name: As, we want to become synonymous with “where remote work happens.”
    • It’s in our personality: meet Zoe, our design persona.
    • It’s who we are: We came together to build because we strongly believe in the benefits of remote work and want everyone to be able to experience them. We’re a remote-only company, completely distributed with zero offices. We couldn’t do it any other way.

Design persona


Zoe (from the Greek word for “life”), is the woman that embodies’s personality. Her mantra is to celebrate the “good” life, the happy, healthy, and meaningful life, by letting go of all things that aren’t important — like that daily commuting.

She’s selfless, putting everyone else first. She is genuinely interested in helping others lead better lives. In the difficult times, instead of a handkerchief she greets you with a pocket full of remote work tips.

Although she has great aspirations, Zoe is simple, uncomplicated, humble, and informal. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt is her favorite dress code.

Wherever she goes, Zoe always greets everyone with a kind smile. Her friends say she’s a master of dad jokes, the ones you just can’t avoid laughing to.

Zoe is genuine, outspoken and not afraid of criticism. She would rather lose a friend for being herself than to be vanilla. Even so, she is the first to recognize her mess and be practical about it.

She dreads monotony and traditional stuff. Every year she does one big trip to experiment with new ways of working, meet new people, and practice her Dutch and Portuguese.

Personality traits

  • Sincere, opinionated, and outspoken but not rude or ignorant
  • Flexible, open-minded, and innovative but not unstable or irrational
  • Warm, kind, and outgoing but not fake or desperate
  • Practical, clear, and realistic but not emotionless or impersonal
  • Genuine and open but not ambiguous or vague


Zoe’s voice is informal, familar, and very approachable — no way she uses weird acronyms and technical lingo just to make her sound smarter. She is there with you in the good and bad, doesn’t assume anything, and uses inclusive terms.

She talks with everyone as if they were her oldest friends, cracking up those famous dad jokes and addressing them by their first name (or their embarrasing high-school nickname).

When there is a serious issue, she’s not afraid to get down to business (remember Bob’s intervention last year?) and spell it out concisely and clearly in a way everyone can understand.

Most of all, Zoe is as human as a human can be. She loves telling stories, using contractions like “don’t” and sound effects like “baaam!”.

Response examples

  • Greeting/welcome: Hi Jane! Let’s find the remote job you deserve.
  • Success feedback: Awesomesauce! Your resume has been imported and is already looking better.
  • User error feedback: Hold on, don’t forget your address.
  • System error (non-critical): We didn’t find any results yet. Please try something else.
  • System failure (critical): Oops! Don’t panic, one of our servers is temporarily down but our engineers are on it. Please try again and if it still isn’t working please wait a bit while we fix it. You can always reach us at @remote

Engagement methods

  • Surprise and delight: Confetti when something great, rare has happened.; A little ”poof” animation when you delete something. A rocket taking off after launching a new job post. Cool UI themes like 90s internet, hacker (all black and green, just text and ASCII), christmas, dark. Animated logo that changes depending on circumstances or actions.
  • Anticipation: “Did you know that on average remote workers save X hours per year in commute?” - random remote work fact. Coundown to important / fun things. Thanks to specific companies or people that contributed. Highlight of non-serious benefits of remote work (you’re always at home to receive packages).
  • Rewards: Give aways: custom keyboard, a great set of pantufas, a donation to a charity of your choice.